Activate climate impact at speed and scale.

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The Climate Tech Supercluster

We are Climate Tech SuperCluster

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Within 4 hours travel from London is the Climate Tech Supercluster. An ecosystem of talent, technology and investment across the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Our mission is to showcase, develop and scale climate-critical technologies by bringing together innovators, investors and institutions across the region and globally.

The race to decarbonise is on. Join us to accelerate our collective response to shared challenges including in energy, transport, agriculture and construction. Are you in?


Powered by business

Climate tech is our generation’s greatest, most important investment opportunity. ​By proving its profitability, we’ll cut carbon emissions and solve the climate crisis. 

Think ROI on a planetary scale. ​


A strong business ecosystem driven by commercial incentives and collaborative structures.


Global Hub
Connect with innovators, investors and influential organisations from across the UK and European hotspots.


Trust Accelerator
Uncover fresh perspectives and unlock valuable new partnerships and markets.


From vaccines to flatscreens, a mix of competition and cooperation drives innovation the world over.

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