Coming Event - Stakeholder Workshop 28.03.24

We are Climate Tech SuperCluster

A gathering of 60+ leading organisations, experts and stakeholders aimed at exploring the potential of this new economic region to become the global leader in the creation and scaling of climate-positive technology.

In partnership with London & Partners, EDF and Sustainable Ventures the Climate Tech Supercluster is organizing a 1-day workshop to explore the potential of the supercluster region to become a global leader in creating and accelerating climate technology. This international ecosystem workshop will use systems and design thinking approaches to map and understand the potential of the supercluster region. The aim of the day is to ideate and co-design the collaborations, projects and programmes needed to realize the ecosystem's ability to scale and accelerate climate technology.

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Climate tech is our generation’s greatest, most important investment opportunity. ​By proving its profitability, we’ll cut carbon emissions and solve the climate crisis. 

Think ROI on a planetary scale. ​

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